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We sell

The use of paper and cardboard is constantly increasing. Today the majority of our buyers are located in Africa. We strongly believe in the development of this continent and are proud to be a supplier to the African market. Outside Africa we sell wherever we can keep up our high standards of business. Of course.

We sell pulp in Asia, with well established contacts especially in Indonesia and China.

Our suppliers are mainly pulp, paper and board producers. Acting on these partners’ behalf as an external marketing resource, we offer their products to a range of different industries and businesses such as carton manufacturing, publishing houses, manufacturers of educational material, book printers and wholesalers. 

Selling in emerging, high-growthmarkets often calls for extraordinary solutions, both practically and financially. We can handle that too.

We have developed a solid market knowledge on a
global level,with the aim to give you a trading
relationship you can rely on.

We buy

Within the pulp market the majority of our trade involves pulp for board and tissues producers with whom we have developed a solid product and market knowledge. Our pulp buyers are a part of the fast growing industry in Asia. In many cases our pulp buyers are also our suppliers.

Normally we take responsibility for every step of the delivery chain from supplier to buyer. That means quality management, logistics, economy and all paperwork. We have skilled staf f members specializing in each part of the chain, whatever products or markets involved.